For our full set of policies, please refer to your lease agreement, or email Office@MarinaCortezSD.com.


We’ll miss you! We require thirty-day written notice in order to terminate a lease.

Email us your 30-day notice at Office@MarinaCortezSD.com with the subject line, “[Dock-Slip] 30-Day Notice”.

Selling Your Boat?

Your slip may not be transferable to the new owner. Please be sure to contact the office to get approval to transfer your slip to a new boat owner.

Living Aboard/ Chartering

Marina Cortez is not accepting applications to live-aboard or conduct commercial activity at this time.


We allow for up to two feet of overhang out of a standard slip. You are billed for the length of the slip, or the length of the vessel, whichever is greater.

Payment is due the first of each month. Set up your online payment account or get on AutoPay to stay current.

Ongoing Requirements

All tenants must keep a copy of the following documents on file at the office:

  1. Current Insurance Certificate
    • Minimum liability coverage of $500,000
    • Marina Cortez listed as an additional insured
  2. Current DMV Registration or USCG Documentation
  3. Lease Agreement

In addition, vessels must be kept in a clean, well maintained and operable condition.